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Easy to use software for stack and nest container pallet planning 

Are you tired of pallet stacking calculators, searching for pallet pattern charts and trying to best guess the most suitable pallet stacking patterns for your shipment?

Whether you are a fish processing plant, fruit and veg processor in the pharmaceutical fast moving consumer goods industry, Easygistics pallet pattern charts and simple to use software take the thinking out of stacking.  Let Easygistics inform your stackers exactly where to place your stack and nest containers and packages on pallets.

Our Pallet Picking Plan provides stackers with a visual pallet stacking guide, ensuring valuable loads are always optimized for transportation and stacked in a cubed, uniform and stable manner.  Easygistics will allow your business to increase warehouse operational efficiencies and dramatically reduce damage resulting from pallet or load instability, crushing and bursting.

Warehouse managers can create an order manually or use our web based electronic data interchange software to import an EDI order file.  Within a few clicks your team have access to:
Pallet Picking Plans, GS1 Barcode Labels, and Traceability Documentation.

Additionally, a powerful Reporting and Tracking feature provides tracking, historical and statistical information on products, crates, pallets, destination and more.​

The user reads each row of the Pallet Picking Plan and pallet stacking pattern as a sentence that specifies a process.  Take a look at the 1st row in the screenshot below:

“...for the 1st pallet tower and 1st pallet layer, 18 cases of Barbecued Salmon are to be placed in 5 Half crates, putting 4 cases in each crate and 2 in the last. The crates are then to be stacked in heights 3 and 2 and placed on the top left corner of the pallet.“

Below - the main page where orders are created or imported from EDI files. Users can update product quantities & best before dates as necessary. Clicking the PDF button generates a Traceability Sheet and GS1 labels for the order.

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