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Looking for the best app development company in Cincinnati?  Software development companies throughout the Greater Cincinnati area and United States subcontract development to Royal Duff for a reason.  We deliver, on time, every time! Cut out the middle man and go direct today!

Who We Are
Royal Duff is a Cincinnati based provider of custom web, cloud, mobile, digital, and desktop software development and consulting services to clients in every industry, from hot startups to Fortune 500 companies.

25 years ago we started working in telecoms erecting communication towers and building broadband networks throughout North America.  Today, we continue to be the leader in the tower construction industry but also work with some of the hottest startups and Fortune 500 companies throughout the mid-west.  Our specialties include applications for telecoms, communication, smart agriculture, pharmaceuticals, logistics and aerospace. 

America's Top Software Developers

Have you ever wondered who software development companies outsource projects to?  Software development companies in Cincinnati and across the USA routinely contract our services.  You too can avail of lower rates by cutting out the middle man and going direct.  Our team comprise some of the smartest software developers in North America whom you will meet in person and interact with regularly from development to deployment and launch.  Royal Duff offers Cincinnati’s best software engineers, on demand, at rates 35-55% less than the competition.

It usually takes three experienced developers to make a decent software application.  Employing developers can be very costly for companies.  On top of the salary of the employee, additional expenses include the cost of workspace, computers, software, and downtime (which even the most finely tuned operations have to deal with).  With Royal Duff, customers only pay for the development hours they need. Royal Duff provide on-demand engineers at 35-55% less per hour with no additional overheads or downtime.  You only pay for what you need. Experienced project managers work with our developers to ensure projects get delivered on time and budget.

Should a customer wish for Royal Duff to design the UI/UX of their application, they can rest assured knowing our UI/UX partner is one of the worlds leading UI/UX developers and will work directly with the customer to design beautiful, functional interfaces.

The Royal Duff team comprise Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified engineers and entrepreneurs who have developed software and IOT solutions from concept to commercialization.  Expertise covers cloud systems, dev ops, security, architecture, and development services for AWS.  Engineers are acutely aware of the economics of infrastructure and develop solutions that decrease maintenance costs while maintaining solid development theory.

We have a diverse understanding of database platforms and routinely use PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and DynamoDB.  Our expertise extends across the web, mobile, server, and worker based applications.

By concentrating on three technologies: JavaScript, Python, and AWS, we have a knowledge accumulation that has enabled us to focus and hone our craft providing customers with the expertise needed to deliver on time and budget. Our certified engineers habitually build software on traditional infrastructure, serverless and event-driven data streams.


Our stacked team allows customers to rest assured that they don't have to worry about talent acquisition.  Our team has worked with and continue to work for global companies operating in a range of highly regulated industries including telecommunications, aerospace, and finance.  If a customer can dream the software, we’ll refine the idea, iron out the bugs and build a rock solid solution.

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